Agricultural Products

Murphy’s Sales & Service has been serving farmers throughout Ontario and western Quebec for over 50 years. We specialize in ventilation, waterers, feeders and stabling.


ventilationWhether it be curtains, panels, ridge exhaust, or fans Murphy’s Sales & Service has all your ventilation options. We are currently an authorized dealer with IEL, Sun-North, Envira-North, and Exacon.


A wide variety of waterers are available with our authorized dealer: Agri-Cle (previously Suevia).


stablingMurphy’s Sales & Service is currently an authorized dealer with “Greenfreestall”. This type of stabling is made of composite tubing. This design allows the cows to enter and leave the stable with more room due to the flexibility of the composite tubing. It will reduce cow injuries and therefore the overall life expectancy of the herd. The cows are more comfortable which creates longer resting periods and greater milk production.